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The stock market is a place where stocks are bought and sold. Stocks are listed on exchanges. Stock markets. The Securities and Exchange Board of India. Security markets are generic terms that people use to describe the physical locations and dealer networks on which securities are traded.  Securities are simply investments which can be stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

There are lots of ways to get financial information and advice. You can use a broker. Brokers buy and sell shares on your behalf and also have the authority to make investment decisions without your prior approval. Some full service brokers even offer financial planning. However, there are many other places you can go to get financial advice. The advice ranges from free, or a reasonable amount, to very expensive. You can work with a financial planner to help you manage your complete financial assets. gives you stock tips which are sure 200% profit calls for medium term. You can also join an investment premier member with no money involve customer club. There are television stations and programs that also provide investment information. Finally there are web resources, both for a fee and free. stock adviser are qualified professionals who manage investments for companies and individuals. When a call comes to us, we give importance to know the requirements or sometimes we make them better understand what we can do to gain more profit. To help investors make more friendly & informed choices about who they deal with when trading shares, We try to  Educate investor before they can invest in the stock market.

When a company goes public with their Initial public offer they list on one of the financial exchanges The Securities and Exchange Board of India also called the "secondary market".  In the secondary market, investors deal with registered brokers known as stockbrokers. These individuals must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Which represents a firm’s brokers and dealers who actually execute a customer’s order on the Exchange. This broker firm generally don’t suggest the best stock to the clients, they just buy & sell on behalf of customers. gives you the best stock with a time limit with sure profit.